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Smarty Cat Automatic Litter Box

Smarty Cat Automatic Litter Box

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Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning your cat's litter box with our automatic litter box. Our litter box is the perfect solution for busy pet owners who want to maintain a clean and odor-free home without sacrificing their time and energy.

Our litter box is equipped with advanced sensors that detect when your cat enters and exits the litter box. Once your cat is finished, the automatic cleaning cycle kicks in, scooping and disposing of waste into a separate, enclosed compartment. This process ensures that the litter box is always clean and fresh for our furry friend/s.

The automatic litter box is also designed with your cat's comfort and privacy in mind. Its enlarged entrance and spacious design allows your cat (even big ones) to move around freely and comfortably, while enclosed structure provides privacy and helps contain litter scatter.

Cleaning the litter box is effortless with our automatic litter box. The removable waste compartment makes it easy to dispose of waste, while the litter box's smooth surfaces make cleaning quick and easy.

We understand the importance of a clean and odor-free home, which is why our automatic litter box is designed to eliminate odors and keep your home smelling fresh. Its sleek and modern design also blends seamlessly with any home decor.

Invest in our automatic litter box today and experience the convenience and comfort that your cat deserves.


Key Highlights

😻No smell or odor! Similar to fridge, negative ion deodorizer with no chemical components is used and works wonder to keep air fresh and healthy

😻Collection bin can house up to 9L enough capacity to sustain a 7kg cat for 15 days of usage. Travel confidently, and don't worry about your cat being home alone

😻Monitor your cat's pooping habits. Equipped with four weight sensors, information about your cat's frequency, time, and weight of cat will be updated through the APP

😻No fear of cat tail getting trapped. Smarty Cat All-in-One Waste Disposal System replaces traditional drawer-style collection methods which decreases the risk of cat entrapment to 0% (See diagram in product images for details)

😻Control is in your hand with four cleaning modes, including Automatic Sensor Cleaning, Timed Cleaning, One-click Cat Litter Change, and Clean Smell Mode. You can experience even more control by using Tuya english mobile APP

😻FREE roller bin bag with every purchase, for a limited time only!

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