Story of Horlick and Milo

In a world where compassion knows no bounds, the story of Horlick and Milo, two resilient cats, showcases the power of rescue and adoption in transforming lives.

Tragedy struck Horlick and Milo at a young age. Their parent died fighting valiantly to protect her young ones from a pack of wild dogs attack. As fate would have it, kind-hearted individuals witnessed the harrowing incident and rushed to the scene. Although they were unable to save Horlick's and Milo's parent, they swiftly intervened to rescue the terrified kittens. These compassionate heroes recognized the urgent need to provide a safe haven for the traumatized felines and took them under their care.

They were nurtured by their rescuers, who understood the profound loss the kittens had endured. Patiently, they created a space where the two feline survivors could begin to heal their wounded hearts. Horlick and Milo slowly adapted to their new surroundings, rediscovering trust and a glimmer of hope.

As word spread in the community about the incredible resilience of Horlick and Milo, it reached the ears of a loving couple searching for feline companionship. Drawn to the kittens' remarkable story and unbreakable bond, they decided to open their hearts and home to these extraordinary survivors. Horlick's and Milo's lives were forever changed as they found their forever family, showered with love and affection.

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Smarty Cat was thus conceived and the goal was to empower others to provide the same love, comfort, and convenience to their furry companions.